Well, another Christmas come and gone. Quick outline of gains/losses:

      1. Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum (wheee!)
      2. A pain in the ass getting it to work right with my Abit board! (only getting 4 channel sound w/ 5 channel speakers, help anyone?)
      3. Binary Blanket!!! (fleese blanket coated in 1's and 0's)
      4. Hardback copy of the LOTR trilogy and The Hobbit
      5. Copy of Spaceballs on DVD
      6. Return to Castle Wolfenstein display castle from Best Buy!!
      7. Assorted candies
      8. A very nice hat that matched one my grandfather has that I've been envying for months.
      9. Copy of Clerks (the animated version)
      10. Homer Simpson slippers (it feels weird putting my feet in his mouth...).
      11. Witty t-shirts ("Got Milk! Need π!" and one that says "You are dumb" in binary - www.thinkgeek.com)
      12. Warm fuzzy feeling when my dad opened his gift from me and was speechless for five minutes (Sony DVD player / FM reciever and 5.1 home theater stereo speakers)

      1. $380 for dad's gift
      2. Partial sanity from working on my Audigy
      3. My glasses and dammit old prescriptions cause headaches, Oi!
      4. Christmassy feeling I had about every year till I was 14 at Christmas, looking to get that back.
      5. Won't get to see my SO over Christmas break.

I'd like to wish everyone @ E2 a happy holidays. If you have someone to spend New Years with, good for you. If not, join the crowd online - I'm sure I'll be here. Kristin - if you read this - Merry Christmas, I miss you, and good luck with the family (I know mine's a pain in the ass :)).

Last note - Merry Christmas to all those who participated in the E2 Secret Santa gift exchange. I hope everyone got (or gets) something nifty.
Same day - new problem: I did something stupid. Around midnight last night I changed my windows password. And this morning I have forgotten it. Does ANYONE know how to get around this in Windows XP. There are NO users on this machine but me. Please IM with help.