Dance Dance Karnov is a flash animation game that was created in the wake of Dance Dance Revolution. It has horrible fake translations from supposed Japanese to English, nifty techno grooves, and dancing background characters!

In it, you control the character Karnov (of NES lore) as he dances his way through enemy traps to save Big City, USA from the hands of the evil floating Genie and other villains.

Very similar to the play of DDR, except that you match patterns rather than a constant flow of arrows (more like a game of simon). If you are able to repeat a direction in time, you get extra points! Be careful not to repeat too many times, or you'll be accused of cheating.

Example Pattern:

Up  UP  Down  Left  Right  Down  Down  Left

Keyed patter:

UPUPUPUPDown  Left  Right  Left  Down  Left

This player would get extra points for the repeated ups that were in time, but would lose points for the missed Down. Had the player rapid tapped up, and hit it say... 15 times in the given interval, he or she would have be accused of cheating and had all his or her points revoked.

To defeat your enemies, you fill a weapon meter by scoring points. Once you have completed 3 rounds of dacing in each level, Karnov will either defeat the boss of the level (if you filled the weapon meter in time) or die a horrible horrible death.

Play Dance Dance Karnov - Save BIG CITY USA!!!

At current, the game can be found here: