I used to read Clearpebbles's write up with amusement, but now that I have experienced that which is Continuous Bee Attack my life shall never bee the same (haha, bad pun, couldn't resist - sorry).

First Contact: Recently I attended a church camp. I am not a religious person - AT ALL, but my parents wished me to go so I complied. The third day, I was exploring the main building at the camp and walked around a balcony on the second floor. As I make my way to the door on the other side, I find out it is locked and turn back around. Just my luck, it seemed that I had jarred a bees nest when I shut the door the first time coming onto the balcony and they were just WAITING for me to return. I managed to swat 2 of them down, but the other 7 stung me in several places. After crawling back inside and taking many pain killers I remember none of the rest of that week.

Second Strike: Two days after camp ended I approached our tool shed to retrieve the lawn mower. Upon opening the door, I saw a black figure fly towards my face. I ducked and turned around just in time for a bee to sting me above the eyebrow (which hurts like a bitch lemme tell ya). Following that, three of his buddies went for my leg - and found it. Running back in the house in pain I vowed revenge.

Counterstrike: I grabbed my smoke grenade - a Raid fumigating canister. Strafed to the side of the shed, pulled the pin and lobbed it into the window and sealed the shed. Five hours later, the shed was opened and aired. I laughed gloriously over the bodies of my vanquished enemies - at least 30 of them had been hiding in the rafters the sons of bitches.

So in conclusion - Clearpebbles: If they are looking for human representatives, they came to the wrong place! My name, Tony, ALSO can be taken as meaning flower (Greek root - anthos, anther), BUT it also means "noteworthy or highly praiseworthy" which has JACK SHIT TO DO WITH BEES!!! So in conclusion, if they have forsaken me, I wish to remain forsaken.