I'm #1! I'm #1! I'm #1! Sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

Today marks the end of a rather interesting week. You may wonder "what's so interesting about it?". Well, when was the last time YOU had to go a week without the internet?

I was recently screwed over by my local phone service (that being AT&T). It seems that South Western Bell was allowed to alot some new home owner MY phone number. For the past week, anyone calling me got to talk to "Mike". This would normally be no big deal, I'd call Mike and the phone companies and ask him to change numbers right?


It seems Mikey here didn't WANT to change his number. In the five days he'd had it he'd already given it to everyone, including his "hot date" for Friday which I don't give a shit about. It didn't occur to Mike that I'd had the number for 14 YEARS and it would be a BIT harder to tell everyone that knew my number about the change, should I have to make it.

Eventually (about noon yesterday) Mike caved, and I am now back on my crappy 56k connection and checking my 300+ emails (75% pr0n add, thank you SO fucking much Hotmail. Would any solicitor that DOESN'T know my email address please raise your hand?... I thought not...) and rejoining the Everything continuum this lovely evening.

*Fires up a stogie* It's good to be back...