Oooooh friends, this is indeed a glorious day. I have now in my posesion a beautiful machine. A machine that can work wonders far beyond any of our imaginations. I have in my possesion the fastest personal computer a civilian can own (without overclocking or dual processors, but don't bug me about details...). I have, today, aquired an AMD Thunderbird 1.433ghz processor and the glorious Abit KG7RAID motherboard with 256 megabytes of Double Data Rate SDRAM.

Generally, this would make one happy, no? Well, not today. This machine is giving me more hell about being fast than I can handle. First it failed to recognize my CD ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-RW (s). These it magically chose to recognize after about 15 reboots working with other crap. Then it wouldn't give me SOUND from the DVD player. This too has magically fixed itself over a few reboots. The current issue is this - right clicking on pictures suddenly stopped bringing up a menu with the option o save. Also, any attempt to copy a file is giving me an error message. As you can see, my internet works beautifully, so I'm not complaining there. For the most part, I love this machine. It is my baby, my pride and joy, my achiles heel as it were (for if it were destroyed, I too must surely perish). This is a lovely day.

I am considering switching over to Windows Me from Windows 98 second edition. I know the boot time is faster in Me, if anyone else knows any real changes, good or bad, please /msg me (/msg GKN) and tell me what you know.

Now for parts of real life. I spoke with Crystal, albeit briefly, a few hours ago. She was pleased that I scathe-mailed her ex-bf and suggested we go for sno-cones or something before I have to head off to school again (why sno cones I do not know, but I do not argue with a beautiful woman). Even the most depressing songs on my playlist seemed happy tonight. Things are looking up. Way up.

Sadly, I must return to school (UNT, Denton, 45 minutes from current residence) this Saturday. I wish I had a bit more time, but as Calvin says "We never have enough time to do all the nothing we want". For some reason, I have decided that I had best reset my body clock such that I wake up on my school schedual, and thus will be leaving you fine people in twenty minutes, so I'd best end this and vote a bit :)

/me misses reality...