I have made a terrible, terrible mistake

Well, maybe not, but it sure felt that way at the time. Yesterday I recieved an email from an ex-girlfriend / ex-friend (see July 8, 2001) stating:

    "Hi! How are you?
    I send you this file in order to have your advice
    See you later, Thanks"
    Attachment - Chapter 31-33 AHAs

Having read this, I was rather angry. The girl had not spoken to me in six months, and the last time she did she was extremely rude to me. I wrote a somewhat scathing reply along these lines:

    "Well Babe,
    I'd love to help you if it weren't for a couple things:

    #1 - Norton detected a virus on the file you sent me

    #2 - The last time you spoke to me you were incredibly rude and it seems to me that you only take time out of your precious life to talk to me when you want to try to use me.

    So, uh uh, no. I will not be helping you. I'm sick and tired of you and other women like you fucking me over, get over yourself, you're not that hot, you're not that incredible, you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake, and I am not about to bow to your wishes. You cannot continue to use men the way you do and expect nothing but good to come of it. If you ever want to amount to being anything but some football player's concubine, I suggest you learn to think for yourself and stop being a bitch to those who help you.

    If you feel what I say is in error, please feel free to attempt to correct me, giving reason of course. If you can, then I may reconsider and I may help you, but I doubt it.

    Have a nice year,

Unfortunately, it was not until after I sent the reply that it occured to me... "Isn't that the letter that SirCam sends you... OH SHIT...."

I was amazed that it didn't occur to me earlier, firstly because she didn't sign with her name as she usually does, and secondly because, if it had been from her, advice would have been spelled with an "s" (yeah yeah, I dated a ditz, but she was hot and I was a very desparate nerd, can you blame me?). I can only imagine what she'll think if she ever reads it. I just know it felt damn good to write it.

*To all the women out there who use men to get what they want - I find your actions dispicable. This is one man you will never manipulate again!*