Today I turn 18.

I can now (legally):

    Register for the draft
    Buy spray paint
    Buy porn
    Buy lighters
    Buy cigarettes
    Buy Mature rated CD's
    Buy white out (surprisingly, many places won't let you do this till 18 in Hurst, God knows why)
    other neat things.

I was awakened by my mother and 32 screaming twelve year olds (she teaches a sixth grade class). She called me at 8:30 AM - the time of my birth. Rule of thumb to parents reading this - DON'T EVER CALL COLLEGE STUDENTS BEFORE NOON. Not meaning to sound ungrateful, but we need our sleep - and, naturally, I don't go to bed till 2 or later. And shouldn't you get to sleep till noon on your birthday? Yeah, I thought so. No nifty gifts or anything, just a year older. Further updates as my 18edness continues.
Geez, did I sound like THAT much of an asshole for my 18th bday daylog to be in negative vote land? Christ... Oh yeah, I forgot Lotto Tickets on the "can now buy" list