Sorry, sucko, but this is bullshit; oceans of ink have been spilled over how to pronounce Egyptian, and nobody knows much more now than we did 50 years ago. That's what you get from a language where they don't write weak vowels. Plus, two of the strong vowels they do write, w and j, are consonantal glides, so that's a crapshoot either way.

Accurate transcription is just as hard; English has no letters for the aleph (kind of a cross between and a and an l, really not a vowel) or qof (like a k that starts very deep in your throat) sounds, so you have to use linguistic notation common to Semitics.

Add to that four h's: that's right, count 'em, four. First h is like an English h, plain and simple. Second h (written with a dot underneath), is heavily aspirated; exhale heavily, and you'll come close. Third h is a harsh guttural, pronounced something like the German 'ach' or Scottish 'Loch'. Fourth h is a soft guttural, pronounced something like the German 'ich'.

Side note, for god's sakes, why use the term Kemetic? I'll just say it straight; it's for fucking poseurs who want to sound smart. Knock it off.

Having said that, here's correct transcriptions:

Anubis: inpw
Horus: hrw Isis: is.t
Osiris: wsir
Ra: r'
Thoth: I'm not going to try; second d (pronounced like English j)-second h-w-t-y.

Look strange? It is. That's why there won't be any attempts at chanting Egyptian rituals for this cowboy.