Being warm when it is cold outside and being warm when the weather is nice are two entirely different things.

I love Autumn. I love to feel the cold setting in. The sky turns grey, and we humans huddle under our blankets, in stocking feet, clinging to one another for warmth and comfort.

There are so many things that we do when the weather turns cold, things of warmth that make us feel like children again. Drinking hot chocolate, and asking for more marshmallows, watching a fire in the fireplace. Coming in from the cold, and feeling your fingers burn in the heat of the house.

It is odd, really. Autumn and Winter are seasons with which I associate many strong sensations. But they are all sensations of warmth. Warm jackets, hands shoved deep into the pockets. Home cooked food and family. The smell of zippo lighter fluid. Christmas trees. The heat in my car, how patchy it is, and how it contrasts with the cold seeping in through the leaking doorseals. Wherever I go when it is cold, I always feel like I am driving home.