I am in the basement, doing something on the computer, when she arrives. She asks if I am ready to go, and I say it will just be a minute. She walks back upstairs. I finish my work on the computer, and run up the steps. She's lying on the couch, with a blanket over her. I thought we were going out. I walk over slowly, and kneel beside her. She is beautiful. I love her hair, her eyes. I think she is sick. Like my mother did to me when I was a child, I press my lips gently to her forehead. She has a fever. I look at her, to tell her she is sick. So close to her face. She kisses me, unexpectedly. Her lips are wonderful soft, and she kisses beautifully, holding my top lip between hers for just a moment as she pulls away. I kneel there, bewildered. I know she has a boyfriend. Is she doing this because she is sick, delerious? Because she is in love with me?

Someone moving around in the kitchen wakes me up. I am upset by this. I lay back down and try to go back to sleep, back to her.