I have a friend who is a compulsive liar. A good friend, I enjoy his company and I would say I even love him as a friend. But its starting to get annoying. Yesterday he tried to tell me that he sold a watch for 1.4 million dollars over ebay. Like please. The worst part is that he does it all of the time, like stupid stuff and he contradicts himself. He once tried to tell me that his father died when he was eight years old but he has a tat with his fathers initials and the year of his birth and death on it and he died two years ago. Its so retarded. I wonder what tends to be under behavior like that, psychologically I mean. I will have to do some research and maybe node it. I think it is probably so that people will like him. But its not like he isn't a pretty amazing person to begin with. I suspect that it probably has to do with insecurity, self-rejection and a lack of self-esteem, or maybe it is a fear of rejection, I think that’s it. "if I give them a front then they aren't really rejecting me" The irony of it, if that's the case is that he has lost friends over his lying. Which just makes it that much dumber. I want to say some thing but I want it to be constructive. I want to help him heal not drive him away or hurt him more. I mean I love him despite the lying. And the lying just makes it harder to get to know him. I am the opposite. I have trouble letting words come out of my mouth unless they are the most accurate representation of what I know to be the truth that I can come up with. In fact I will some times come out with incredibly complex, deep answers to relatively simple seeming questions. Just because the answer I want to give is the real complete truth as I have come to it. It fucks with some people. It used to fuck with my dad because I couldn't answer some questions he asked because the simple answer he was looking for didn't do it. Sometimes there wasn't a good accurate answer to the question, and the over simplified answer he was looking for was only half true. I don't get the sense that my friend is lying to manipulate, control or hurt me because I couldn't tolerate that. That's how I got to hate lying so much in the first place. My family has done that to me my whole life (fuck them). I suspect that, that is why I am so good at conveniently ignoring his lies as well, as I have had so much practice at it. Oh well I had to vent. Thanks for listening it was very kind of you, I don’t have many good listeners in my life that’s probably why I use the day logs so much. The relationship is in the process of becoming therapeutic and I hope things will improve. Also he has stopped doing a lot of the things that were hurting him spiritually in the first place. Anyways if you have any thoughts on compulsive liars let me know.