My understanding of the abortion issue after the hate and contempt each side shows the other is removed, is that it boils down to whether or not the fetus is a person. I have no answer for this, but feel we can find a better alternative to satisfy both the pro-life and pro-choice camps.

I think (except in extreme and individual cases) both sides of this debate agree that killing people is wrong. If it were determinable that a fetus is not a person, kill all you want, we’ll make more. If a fetus is a person, then killing it is most certainly wrong. It is undeterminable as to whether or not personhood can be bestowed upon fetuses, as the question of when life begins will undoubtedly remain a topic of religious belief for eternity. We should at least try to avoid killing people, so we should try to avoid killing fetuses just in case they are people.

As current methods for abortions are designed, it is unavoidable to kill the fetus. Why must we do that? Why not try to extract the fetus from the mother alive, and try to care for it medically. If it survives it could be put up for adoption. Chances are that until such a time as medical technology has advanced far enough the fetus will not survive. But it will die; it will not be killed. This also enables women to choose whether or not to go through a pregnancy and gives them domain over their bodies.

There have to be better alternatives out there.