I had two things to do after getting home from work today. I had to take a nap, and cut a length of countertop to place in the basement.

The nap was cut short as soon as I fell into a dream. I was staring into a cannon, and it went off. I recall my head bouncing up from my pillow, and then back down again.

I got up got dressed and went outside to work on the countertop. My father just had his kitchen remodeled and we inherited most of the appliances and cabinetry, which are now stored in my garage. I took the only piece of counter top long enough to cut my length from out of the garage, and measured very carefully 42" and cut. I got a decently straight line with no chipping of the Formica top, so I was proud. I took it to the basement to put it on cabinets, and find that I have a 3" gap.

I hate it when I fall victim to the old adage measure twice cut once. This project too was cut short.