How strange are the winds of fashion, both in clothing and outside of it. The Fedora has stood for many things over the years. Currently, it has gathered a weird mixture of connotations onto itself. The modern Fedora wearer, at least in stereotype, is a young man in his 20s, who is a supporter of Libertarianism, atheism and men's rights activism. This also goes along with the idea of the "nice guy", the man who is angry because his self-perceived "niceness" is not recognized and reciprocated by women.

(NB: Future Internet Archaelogist, I promise this makes sense in context.)

What is odd about this is how the internet and its penchant for memes and fractal subculture has brought together what would have once seemed like a diversity of interests and put them all under one hat. A hat that is, of itself, quite innocent of having an entire lifestyle and belief system placed underneath it. But such are the ways of the internet.

This picture, found on Know Your Meme, combines several of the archetypes of the wearer of Fedoras together: The Fedora'd Gentleman