Writing about music is exactly like dancing about architecture, in that both are fun and constructive things to do.

Maybe you don't know much about dance or architecture, but you can probably name at least one famous building. The Eiffel Tower. The Pyramids. The Washington Monument. And you can probably move your legs. Or hands. Maybe you can just bob your head.

Think about your building/statue/monument for a few moments. Maybe don't think about it too long. Just a minute or two. What impression or emotion does it give you? Bold? Soft? Flowing? Jagged? Angular? Swooping? Majestic? Maybe a combination of those. Or perhaps more literally, think of the shape. And then...form your body into that shape. Move your body how that building makes you feel. Posing to the sky like the Eiffel Tower? In jagged waves like The Sydney Opera House? Undulating like The Golden Gate Bridge? Depending on your skill at dance and your knowledge of architecture, your dance may be well-received. It might not be the best dance ever, but it will still be a dance about architecture.

If this seems like a ridiculous argument, the point behind it is that music, art, writing, dance, or any other field of art is not some mysterious, locked palace beyond explanation. They are all expressions of human emotion and culture, and they could be understood through each other.

And, to give a concrete example: