The Woodstock Neighborhood is a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. It is a middle class neighborhood with a mixture of residential and commnercial developments. The neighborhood is centered around SE Woodstick Blvd.

The neighborhood is in Southeast Portland, directly to the East of Reed College and the Reed Neighborhood. The neighborhood is situated at the south edge of the level plain that makes up east Portland, and south of the neighborhood, the terrain becomes more hilly and the system of streets laid out at 90 degrees breaks down. As such, this neighborhood is kind of located at the edge of "Portland proper".

The neighborhood is mostly residential and quiet, although it does have a few thorough streets. In addition, it is next to Reed College, and has a lot of "hip young urban people" in residence, so there is a fair amount of coffee shops, bars and restaraunts around. However, Woodstock Blvd. does not resemble SE Hawthorne Blvd (there is no functional glass art shops), let alone the trendy consumer districts such as Northwest Trendy Third.

Going south or east out of this neighborhood leads to Milwaukie in the first case, and the slightly less charming neighborhoods of outer southeast in the second. As such, this neighborhood is a bulwark of Southeast Portland's genteel liberalism against all of the cultural disruptive forces that exist east of 39th Avenue.