The Ghost Monument is the second episode of the 11th series of Doctor Who, and was first broadcast on October 14, 2018. It starred Jodie Whittaker as The Doctor, and was written by series show runner Chris Chibnall.

When we last saw the Doctor, she had used a jury-rigged tracking device to locate the missing TARDIS, and transported herself to it. As is often the case, she ended up inadvertently bringing along her companions, who find themselves floating In Space!. They are picked up by two passing ships, crash land on a desert planet, and find themselves in the middle of a race that unlocks the terrible mysteries of the desert planet. The episode concludes with The Doctor and company finding the newly redecorated TARDIS, and going off to their next adventure...

Like the last episode, one of the things that impressed me about this episode was its linearity. This was a story about a race, and the story really was about proceeding from Point A to Point B, with only a few unexpected moments to distract the audience. Despite murmurings to the contrary, this episode also seems to introduce an arc mystery, as well as establishing The Stenza, seemingly one-off villains from last episode, as a larger threat. There were also a few (rushed) moments of character building. But in general, this episode followed a pretty basic Doctor Who plot: get somewhere, mixed with "Base Under Siege". The episode was also eye catching with its cinematography, being filmed in South Africa. The visual design of the space ships was interesting, reminiscent of the shoddy old freighters of Firefly.

In all, this was another sign of promise in the new series. The only problem was that some things in the story seem to have been rushed through: there were a lot of elements to the story, and not every one of them was dealt with totally. I also feel that the show is starting off more linearly, to attract new viewers, but will become more complex as it continues.