"The Four of Us Are Dying" is the 13th episode of The Twilight Zone, first broadcast on New Year's Day of 1960. It starred Harry Townes, Phillip Pine, Don Gordon and Ross Martin as Arch Hammer. In case you think that last sentence was a typo, please remember: this is The Twilight Zone. All four of these actors (relatively minor character actors) play conman Arch Hammer, who has the (magic? highly improbable?) power to change his appearance at will.

Arch Hammer has hatched a master plan to impersonate a number of dead people, using their identities to get the girlfriend of a dead jazz musician and the haul of a murdered mobster, and then abscond in peace. "The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray", and if you are a sociopathic lowlife in a Twilight Zone episode, your plans always go astray. In the process of trying to manipulate people, Hammer comes to his own doom.

I have liked every episode so far of The Twilight Zone, but some of them are better than others. This is one of the "others". Much of the episode hinged on the gimmick of the different actors who played Hammer changing, which is done by panning to his hand and then panning back to his face. Its done smoothly enough, but an episode that hinges on special effects is not that impressive in the 21st century. This episode also seemed to accentuate noir, "tough guy" elements, with jazz clubs, hoods, and dark city streets. Again, this is something that does not come across as incredibly edgy in 2013. So while I liked this episode it seems to have aged less well than many of its cohorts.