The format of the Filthy Critic's movie reviews follows a two fold pattern. First he talks about what has been happening in his life recently, which is always somewhat depressing, quite a bit lurid, and over all, well, filthy. Often these stories involve Filthy drinking, starting fights, making fun of his retarded cousin, and telling fat lady jokes. He then uses this segue into movie reviews, sometimes smoothly, sometimes not.

One of the ironic things about his reviews is that Filthy, despite his language, consistently gives high ratings to thoughtful, intelligent movies that have genuine characters and well thought out plots. Quite apart from his colorful language, he is just as famous for not being afraid to call misogynistic, simplistic films for what they really are.

Which seems somewhat odd, considering that Filthy is not afraid to talk in very insulting, sometimes misogynist terms when talking about his own life. Which brings about a question: Is Filthy making a joke about how supposedly enlightened, liberal Hollywood regulary sticks the worst stereotyping down peoples throats, and creates a persona of a drunken workingman who can still appreciate realistic film to highlight this; or, whether Filthy really is a simple, cantankerous working man who somehow has a very literate taste in film.