Along with being the name of a type of film and a motel chain, Super 8 is also a type of candy bar for sale in Chile. Manufactured by Nestle, the Super 8 bar consists of layers of wafer separated by thin layers of chocolate, all covered in chocolate. It could best be described as being like a Little Debbie Nutty Bar, without the peanut butter.

Despite being somewhat dry, the Super 8 bar has the advantage of being ubiquitous and very cheap, currently retailing for under 200 pesos (about 25 cents) in most stores. It is also sold by street vendors to motorists, with calls of "Super....OCHO!" being a common refrain near busy intersections.

On a personal level, I consider getting in the habit of eating the Super 8 bar, over more familiar and expensive American candy bars, to be a sign of my acculturation to Chile.