Port Orford Heads State Park is a state park in the Oregon parks system located a mile or so outside of Port Orford, Oregon. As the name suggests, it is located on headlands, a rocky peninsula that juts out into the Pacific Ocean.

The Oregon Coast is beautiful, and the rocky, mountainous Southern Oregon Coast is doubly so. Being on a high, rocky peninsula with a 270 degree view of the Pacific Ocean is one great reason to visit Port Orford Heads. The fact that this is one of the west most points in the lower 48 states is another good reason to visit. But the Oregon Coast is full of dramatic and beautiful scenery, and there is a State Park every five or ten miles.

What is of note about Port Orford Heads is that it used to be a Coast Guard base, and the base has been preserved and turned into a museum. The base was active from 1934 to 1970, during much of which time Highway 101 hadn't been completed in its modern form and Port Orford was very isolated. The Coast Guard base, with its small, heavy and slow surf boats was the only way to rescue ships that were in trouble. One of these boats is still on display, and the main coast guard building is a museum full of artifacts and information on the lifesaving activities of the Coast Guard and the brave men who piloted these ships.

Although it is perhaps not the most monumental piece of history available, I still found it very interesting, and a location I would suggest people visit if they happen to find themselves driving down Highway 101.