I should also point out, that in a self-defense situation, the kick to the groin is not the panacea that it is rumored to be. If it goes in, it certainly does work, but If you had a million dollars, you could live off the interest. Anyone who is seriously attacking you knows to protect themselves from this kick, which is actually a little difficult to target accuratly...while getting hit in the pubic bone does hurt, it is not going to hurt enough to stop someone who is a determined attacker.

And while the delicious irony of men getting hurt in the very parts that enable them to be domineering, violent, patriarchal oppresors is certainly delicious, it should also be pointed out that the pain from a woman getting kicked in the groin, while not able to create virtual paralysis, is probably going to be agonizing.

Since Chattering Magpie is my jiejie, I would advise you all to listen to her advice over mine.