"Judgment Night" is the tenth episode of The Twilight Zone. It was first broadcast in December of 1959 and starred Nehemiah Persoff as Carl Lancer. It also featured a number of other actors in supporting roles.

The opening narration establishes that we are a on a passenger ship going from Liverpool to the United States of America in 1942. The ship has lost its convoy, and everyone involved is a little nervous since there are U-Boats on the prowl. In the salon, the passengers are meeting each other, but Carl Lancer seems to have a hard time interacting with the other passengers. He can't remember much about his life, only that he was born in Frankfurt. Since that is a city in Germany, it is unclear how he got on an allied passenger ship. He also seems to know exact details of how U-Boats operate. At this point, it probably occurs to the viewer (and to my readers) what direction this might be going in.

The episode is somewhat predictable, but it is saved by the dark, foggy mood it projects. The acting is also good, although it does blur into the realm of scenery chewing. One disappointment about the episode is that while it looked like it might have some character interaction in the first few minutes, it quickly turned into a one-man show, much like the previous two episodes. An added bonus to this episode for me was that Nehemiah Persoff, the actor who plays Carl Lanser, is Jewish.