"High Maintenance" is a 2006 short film, written by Simon Biggs, directed by Phillip Van and starred Nicollette Krebitz and Wanja Mues. It is a combined German/English production, and while being filmed in Germany, it is an English language film. It won several different awards for short films, including at the Sundance Film Festival and at the Berlin International Film Festival. The film is nine minutes long, meaning it is very easy to watch.

The film is a near future science-fiction story, with both comedic and dramatic element. Whether a viewer would find comedy or drama as the predominant element in the story is an interesting question. The film has some slight suggestive humor and adult themes, but has no content that would be considered explicit, although it may be mildly disturbing.

The film can be found at the director's official page, http://www.phillipvan.com/filter/NARRATIVE/HIGH-MAINTENANCE, and can also be found on youtube, although I don't know if it is on there officially. The imdb page can be found at: