The Heart Decides

(auto-censored version).

Speaking characters:
The Chairman(or Chairwoman)
Mr. Christopher, a relatively minor bureaucrat (could also be Mrs. Christopher)
Non-speaking characters: Government\corporate functionaries, as many as needed.

The Scene: A corporate or governmental boardroom
The Chairman: Thank you for your reports, ladies and gentleman. With all of this information, it seems that we are very well on course. Although, we have been on course since we begun. But now, very soon, our plans will reach completion.
The Chairman pauses. The people around the table may make some small gesture or sound of assent.
The Chairman: Some people have called me a liar. Now, we know none of us here are angels, we know we are in a dirty business. Perhaps I would have been a better person if I had felt bad about those lies I told. But soon it won't matter about my lies, because I can make them all come true. All it takes to make your dreams come true is money and power. But I will have gone beyond that: I will have actually made my lies into truth. All our lies will be true. We will skip the question entirely.
How do the people respond to this? Are they happy? Confused? Fill in as you like.
Mr. Chrisopher stands up, and looks around at those assembled.
Mr. Christopher: Since this begun, I've been afraid all along that it would all fall apart on us, into bloody little bits. Or at least, that was what I was afraid of at first. As things went on, and I saw the extent that the plans were laid, my fears switched to what if all of this came to success. And today, it indeed did. I want to say one thing, even though tomorrow I may end up lobotomized, or dead, or just perfectly happy with the way things are going. Whether this works or not, it isn't real. I don't know what will happen with all of this, but I want you to think about this, and realize right now that you are having a direct experience of your non-being.
The people around the table can react as appropriate: scared, annoyed, amused, confused, angry, or as if they are having a direct experience of their non-being (whatever that means)

This is a first draft. Until the plays have to be finalized, suggestions on improvements are welcome.