"Dreamland" is an animated story of the television show Doctor Who, featuring the voice acting of David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor, and Georgia Moffat and Tim Howar as one-time companions Cassie Rice and Jimmy Stalkingwolf. Georgia Moffat had previously starred as eponymous character Jenny in The Doctor's Daughter, but the characters are not related.

The story begins with the Doctor stopping by a diner in the American Southwest, and meeting waitress Cassie and Native American Jimmy. He also finds some alien tech as part of the decor of the diner. Some Men in Black show up to recover the equipment, and soon the Doctor and his newfound companions are running as several different alien races, and the United States Military, all want things they have, or at least want them out of the way. As is his wont, the Doctor must solve the mystery, stop an alien invasion, and teach everyone a lesson about the folly of violence.

As the title suggests, the story takes place in Dreamland, Area 51, and several parts of its mythology are present: gigantic warehouses, the Men in Black, the Greys, and flying saucers. In Doctor Who terms, it is an alien invasion story, and a political intrigue story. This is very similar to many Doctor Who stories we have seen before, with the major point of difference being that it is animated.

Unlike the earlier Infinite Quest, the animation on this was done in a CGI style. Whether this works or not is a matter of taste. While it wasn't extremely distracting, I found many of the characters occasionally crossing over into the uncanny valley.

I am a Doctor Who fan, so there are few Doctor Who things that I don't like. And I thought this was an interesting experiment, and that future CGI stories might be very good. However, its story is somewhat predictable, and the medium of CGI still has some problems with it.