I was at Free Geek, and ideath was overseeing the console of the main server. It started to beep and hum, and little graphs on it started to spike.

"Oh" ideath said "someone is trying to break in...but it is only so-and-so, and she is allowed to try". ideath calmly watched the screen until the woman had actually broken in, at which time she started frenetically pushing buttons, making little windows on the console jump and hum.

Eventually the woman did get inside, and ideath handed me the console, and told me to create a scary looking ploygon avatar to chase the woman off the system. I succeeded, but perhaps too well, as she explained to me that that woman was probably going to promptly go and call Alcoholics Anonymous.

This dream impressed on me one key fact: it would be realyl awesome if computer security really looked like it did in movies, with two people fighting in real time through extremely illustrative whirring and buzzing on the computer screen.