I only dream log when I have a dream that actually involves e2. Just now I did. It also had some other stuff in it, some 48 hour movie stuff and some kung fu stuff, but the e2 part is the relevant part.

Anyway, in the dream JRR Tolkien was still alive, although he was very old. In my dream, the oldest node was not about Brian Eno, it was about some aspect of Tolkien. So the main editors and gods of e2 all got together to tellTolkien about it. Tolkien was rather flattered by the attention, although he was a little bit confused as to exactly what e2 was. He also seemed to have the air of a cantakerous old man. Somehow he got a list of the gods\editors of e2, and decided to cross iceowl out. I tried to explain to Tolkien how important iceowl was to e2, but he said he didn't want to hear about people trekking across Antarctica because it was too cold.