"Daisy" is a brand of American dairy products, founded in 1917 as a local business in Chicago. Daisy has sold many different dairy products over the years, but currently has a product line of four products: cottage cheese and sour cream, in normal and low-fat varieties. Daisy's manufacturing of cottage cheese begin in 2006, and the company's products have become much more prevalent over the past few years.

Along with only having two products, Daisy products only use minimal ingredients. The cottage cheese consists of milk, cream and salt, and the sour cream consists of cream. That's it. This is in contrast to most other brands of cottage cheese and sour cream, which often use additives and stabilizers, such as guar gum and corn starch. After getting in the habit of using Daisy Brand products in the past few years, I can no longer enjoy eating other types of cottage cheese or sour cream: they seem offensively artificial to me now. Daisy products are sold at a small premium over similar products, usually 25-33% more, but it is certainly worth the increased quality.

Daisy's pure dairy products came to popularity in a time when Americans started taking a better look at what they eat. It paralleled the rise of Greek Yogurt, a product that also is more pure of additives than the yogurt we had been used to eating for years. Right now Daisy remains an independent company, but I suspect that they will either be purchased by a larger company, or their formula will be copied. And hopefully, the coming generation of children will never have to put up with the atrocious excuse for cottage cheese and sour cream that I was raised with.