Christine, published in 1984, is a story by Stephen King about a demonic car. A silly premise perhaps, but one that Mr. King manages to make a very scary and entertaining story out of it.

The story centers around Arnie Cunningham, a nerdy high school student who buys a wreck of a car from a foul-mouthed old man, despite the objections of his parents and the trepidation of his best friend, Dennis. However, once he gets the car and begins to restore it to working condition, Arnie's life gets better as his complextion clears up and he becomes more self-confident. Very soon, he even gets his first girlfriend.

The troubles begin when his car is attacked by a group of thugs who have a grudge against Arnie. Very soon after this, the group of 'bad kids' get killed in a series of very mysterious traffic accidents.

It soon becomes clear to Arnie's best friend and his girlfriend that something is seriously wrong, and after some more killing on the cars part, and some romance on their part, they manage to bulldoze the demonically possesed car into scrap metal, leading to an almost happy ending.

As with most Stephen King books, the dialogue, plot developement and descriptions are all very well done and exciting, while the character development and explanations of characters motivations are somewhat weak. In this book (as opposed to say, It), the horror scenes don't take up that many pages and are not as varied. There is only so much mileage you can get out of a car, after all.

One of the things that is done very well in this book is its description of human, and not just demonic corruption. The small cruelties and absurdities of life in a small town are described very well, and in the end may be more scary then the titular subject matter.