Blind Man's Bluff is the name of a game that I have played since I was a child, which has no relation to the game described above.

This game is played in a car, with (at least) two people: the driver, who can see (thankfully) and the passenger, who is blinded. The driver drives the car around an city or town, and the passenger tries to guess where they are.

This is not really a specifically goal oriented game, with no clear win\loss conditions. If the passenger seems to know where they are, no matter where the driver goes, maybe they have won. And if the passenger is so totally confused that they have no idea where they are, then perhaps the driver can be considered to have won.

To keep this game moderatly fair and fun, the driver shouldn't try to hard to comfuse their passenger. If the passenger is totally clueless to where they are, then they are beyond being able to guess. When they still have some general idea where they are, it is more fun for them to guess.

If the driver wishes to confuse a passenger, they can always try some tricks: going through parking lots or around in circles, to throw their passengers sense of direction.

This is a great game to play, and hones the ninja senses of the passenger. Of course, a further variation is when the driver themselves becomes totally lost.