In or around 1994, I had taken to cutting my own hair. It was rather simple, as I had taken to wearing my hair quite short.  I simply ran a razor with a guard over my head.  After a few passes, I was done, and I had saved myself a few bucks.  I enjoyed cutting my own hair, and it soon became part of my Friday night ritual.  Another part of this ritual was the consuming of one or two 22 oz. Steinlagers.  Usually, I did the haircut first. Once I didn't.  On this particular occasion, after cleaning the guard about halfway through the job, I neglected to put it back on, and promptly shaved a two-inch wide, five inch long swath down the middle of my head.   

I stared at this little mistake for about five-minutes.  Oops.  I then decided that the only fix was to shave it all. Which I did.  Best move I ever made.  It makes cycling, and motorcycling much easier (no helmet hair). It's cool in the summer, and in the winter I can wear hats without worrying about how my hair will look.  My girlfriend digs it.  It looks REALLY cool with a henna "tattoo". And I was going bald anyway.

My advice? Shave your head, and NEVER operate anything with a blade after drinking.