The Red Lanterns, or hongdengzhao, were a revolutionary group during the period of the Boxer Uprising/Boxer Rebellion in China--c. 1900 CE. They aided the Boxers in their goal of throwing out the imperialist foreigners. Unlike the Boxers, though, the Red Lanterns were composed of young women, mostly girls around 14 or 16 years old. They carried red lanterns throughout the streets, and sometimes instructed the local citizens to hang red lanterns outside their doors. Many people thought the girls had magic powers, so they complied, lighting up the nights of turbulent China with an eerie red glow. It was said that the girls could levitate and were pyrokinetic. Not very much has been written about them in English, and a lot of the Chinese publications re-wrote the reality of these upper-class, foot-bound young girls as very tough, working-class heroines fit for the political correctness of the Cultural Revolution.