Most motels have an unofficial noisy wing. Usually the farthest away from the front desk, it's where they seperate out the rowdy construction workers from the tired ones, the drunken college students from the ones just travelling on a budget, and so on. It's a pretty hellish place to get stuck, for several reasons.

- It's loud. People yell, hoot 'n' holler, play the TV as loud as possible, and thump on the walls.
- Your neighbors will come in at all hours of the night and morning, slamming the doors enough to shake the whole building
- The parking lot will gradually accumulate beer bottles
- The room will be damaged and missing essential items such as bathtub drain plugs and tv remotes

The worst thing, however, is what you'll hear during the night. Rough sex is the least of it. Last night I heard a very loud and physical argument, and a woman yelling "You really think I'm afraid of you anymore?!" If any of the thuds had sounded like a person, I would have called the front desk, but I think the furniture was the only thing being beaten up. I just hope it's not something worse tonight--I saw the guy up at the front desk and he's got what I swear is a bullet scar on his back.

Now, the trick is: Ask the front desk for a quiet area. They often give those rooms without asking to retired couples and such, but if you're not obviously that type, it's worth your while to ask. Of course, if there's only one room left...sigh.