Dear novalis: You're cute as hell, but if I click on any more intriguing random nodes and wind up with one of those damned Magic cards, I shall have to fling things at you. ( Why are all the best node titles Magic cards? )
It's raining, which is apparently unusual for this time of year in San Francisco. It's not helping me wake up at any rate. Joined in a casual carpool and spent the ride over talking with a very well-educated and well-spoken man from Zambia.
My boyfriend gave his first official lecture yesterday. Rowr! Intelligence is sexy; combined with academia it's pretty irresistible. (Um, maybe it's just me.)
My favorite relatively new noders include girlotron, Whywait? and Evil Catullus. Thank heavens for them (and whoever I'm forgetting), because the teenybopper factor has been getting to me laterly. ... OOO, I got downvoted already. Well, in that case, I'm going to let the teenyboppers have it. FIRST OFF, I don't give a damn how old you are. We have plenty of thoughtful teenage noders. The problem is the really, really teenage noders (and this includes a number of 20- and 30-year-olds). Do you really think we care how often you get drunk/stoned/laid? Do we really care how totally trashed you are? Maybe this impresses your little friends, but nobody with two brain cells to rub together finds this admirable in the least. Most of us have already experienced our period of self-indulgent, self-destructive stupidity and realized how lame it was, or were never that stupid in the first place. Those of us who do indulge ourselves on various ways mostly either keep it to ourselves or find a way to make it interesting. PEOPLE: A DESCRIPTION OF YOUR LATEST TRIP IS NOT INTERESTING! I read someone's acid trip on here the other day that was practically word-for-word the same as one I remember from some 1968 science fiction story. Nor is a description of your latest drunken mauling. It just makes you look like an idiotic child, and contributes nothing to Everything. So grow up and get a life.

Ahem. I'm better now. Honest.