I have a sore throat. I haven't had one in a long time and I'd forgotten how irritating they can be (no pun intended).

Got a vote of confidence today at my job--my boss mentioned that the person in my position usually goes to the Western Museum Assocation convention in August. This year it's in Palm Springs. Cool!

I'll find out whether I'm in to Berkeley in about two weeks. I am very, very nervous about this.

I saw Chocolat. Sweet and funny, with fun costumes and a slightly more complex plot than the pooh-poohing reviewers would have you think. (They just can't stand a happy ending.) We snuck See's candy into the theatre and ate it while we watched...it was the same theatre we saw Perfect Blue in, last October when we visited the Bay Area before moving here.

I need a creativity regimen and an exercise program. I know how to do the latter, but don't have the will to start; I'm more than willing to start the former, but I don't know how to do it.