Eastern Standard Time, by Jeff Yang, Dina Han, Terry Hong. Trade paperback, ISBN: 039576341X

Book capitalizing on the trendiness of Asian pop culture, but doing a good job at the same time. The approach they've taken is to look at the influence of Asian (especially Japanese and Chinese) culture on "the West" (mostly North America). It's a series of short articles, with a great many photos, so it doesn't get too in-depth on much. For example, if you've read Manga! Manga! you know far more about manga than is covered in this book.

However, EST is a good jumping-off point. The best thing about it, I think, is that it covers far more than just Hong Kong movies and Japanese videogames--it covers food, clothing, etc. etc. Because of this, it will contain some surprises for even the most fanatic Western otaku, but will also be intriguing to those with a general interest in global pop culture. Again, it's not very academic (verging on smart-ass sometimes, as it's from the editors of A. Magazine), but it is very readable and (IIRC) has a good bibliography. Highly recommended; it also makes a good gift for many different kinds of geeks. Somewhat dated now, of course (being pre-Pokemon), but perhaps they'll release another edition someday.