Here are some of the jobs I interviewed for and/or was offered, as a history major with an Asian Studies minor and absolutely no job experience:

- Administrative assistant at several tech companies--salary $30-42k
(Whywait?: Yes, they sounded both uninteresting and stressful, but at least one included free programming training as well as party planning, and that one was the highest-paying one, too...)
- Publishing assistant at Stone Bridge Press--$35k
- General adminstrative at Good Vibrations--$32k
- Publishing/design at the Berkeley Daily Planet--$27k
- Admin at the Asian Art museum--$14/hr
- Salesperson at upscale art gallery--$27k + commissions
- Tour planner--$not telling, because that's the job I took ;p

I won't get rich anytime soon, but for entry level jobs these aren't bad. And I only applied for stuff I thought was interesting. I still plan to go to grad school, but it was gratifying to see the variety. This was only a week or two of jobhunting, too. Okay? It can be done. I was pretty panicked for a while, as you can see if you read my daylogs, so I want to pass it on: You are not doomed to flipping burgers. And if you're getting freaked out, /msg me and I'll try to help you with your cover letter and resume, because liberal arts geeks have to stick together.