Work. Transbay bus worked surprisingly well. Guy across from me sitting in meditation the whole time. Cool.

Must write up my magical lavender shirt.
Okay, this is a knit shirt with horizontal lavender, cream, and plum stripes, and a sort of turtleneck. It's just this side of cropped. I always thought it fit me pretty well, and yesterday a rare in-person client told me she thought it looked really nice on me and brought out the color of my eyes. That was cool. Then later in the gas station this well-dressed black guy almost bumped into me, and said, "Excuse me, baby..." ... (eyes lingering on my chest) ... he purrs " are you?" It was pretty funny. That kind of thing doesn't happen to me. I wasn't offended, it was somewhere between amused and flattered--definitely didn't want it to go any further, though! so I just smiled vaguely and paid for my gasoline.

This power must only be used for good! ;p

N. B.: Feminists/women (all women should be feminists, but go figure--we have a lock on Uncle Tom-types)--ahem. Feminists/women who are afraid of/insulted by being admired by men are just afraid of being themselves, and how feminist is that? Not very. The guy wasn't creepy. Trying to hard to be a player, but since I wasn't going to buy into that, what did that matter to me? SO I took it as a compliment, without either encouraging the guy or going off on him.