The couch story above is quite funny, at least since I wasn't involved in it. I can empathize, though, having recently moved in. Driving down 880 with a large mattress and box springs poorly tied to the top (I knew I should have paid more attention in Girl Scouts) was funny if you weren't there, too. Too bad I was the one leaning backwards to watch it through the moonroof. Ow.

I am supposed to meet an e2er today! My first noder that I didn't know already. WHEE! How groovy. Obviously I want to meet some noders, since I'm willing to go to a microbrewery for this, eh? eh! If only I hadn't dressed so poorly this morning. It was chilly, though, and I haven't properly unpacked, so I just put on whatever looked warm. Fribble.
I me-et dw-yn! I me-et dw-yn! Ahem. Hey! I finally got to meet somebody. :) I spotted dwyn at the microbrewery right off. We then went to Berkeley to meet up with my boyfriend, and then to Crepes A Go Go, a favorite of dwyn's too (it turned out). No other BANoders were groovy enough to show, but oh well--dwyn was quite interesting and much fun. Hope I didn't talk too much (I think I did...oops...). I think I'd like dwyn to meet my best friend. Hm. I *do* think the SFers should get together regularly. What I want to know is, are the rest of you well-behaved enough to come to my housewarming, or not? (My mother will be there, see. :p)