For any kind of art geek or crafter, art supplies that are on sale are a dangerously euphoric lure. Like other geeks to a used book sale or hardware clearance (or, indeed, a used record store), we can't help but go over "just to see what they have." The problem with arts/crafts geeks is that they/we will buy things we don't need and will never use, because they're cheap, cool or (momentarily) inspiring. At best the art supply sale can be a sort of muse--"hey! metallic paint pens! I have an IDEA!"--but at worse we just end up spending lots of money that was earmarked for food on things that will wind up in the supply bin, closet, garage, and attic. Don't believe me? When I moved I gave away a $50, 100-ft roll of acetate that I got 75% off AND NEVER USED. And a steel ruler (because I had two others), and a dozen brushes (leaving me with a couple dozen) and a bunch of acrylic paints in strange colors, and ... and ... well, trust me, if your SO is an art geek you may want to steer him or her away when you see that sale sign.

On the other hand, it makes us pathetically, tail-waggingly happy to get New Stuff, even if it only lasts a little while. Buy it for us, and we're REALLY happy. *beam*