Are you or someone in your family suffering from a lack of mind control? Have violence and hatred portrayed through television, the internet, video games and music infected you or your loved ones with hateful, spiteful, guilty, pornographic or crippling negative thoughts? Then you might want to try Mind ControlTM from MuX Telepharma LLC.

Symptoms of Media Induced Negative Mental States (MINIMS, or "minimemes") include :

MINIMS is a contractible mentaviral disease that can be passed from one person to another after exposure to someone afflicted with MINIMS for long periods of time. MINIMS can lead to a wide variety of other syndromes including

  • Divorce Induced Affection Deficiency Syndrome (DIADS)
  • any of the Stereotyped Group Villification Disorders (SGVDs)
  • Generalized Untraceable Anger and Residual Teenage Adulthood Angst (GUARTAA)

Mind ControlTM is a dual audio-visual filter and psychotropic delivery system that connects to the base of the back of the head and can be used with any telepathic modem.

Most initial symptoms of the modem filter component included with Mind ControlTM disappear within one month and may include

  • high redox
  • Ned Flander's softer media rejection (ThisShowSucks)

Most initial and recurring symptoms of the MelloYelloTM psychotropic component included with Mind ControlTM may include

MelloYelloTM should not be administered to children until they have demonstrated original sin, or people employed by law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

Ask your doctor for details.