Some of the most "social" people are actually anti-social, but are not viewed that way because they are so entertaining in a how to talk dirty and influence people kind of way. Usually they are the centre of attention amongst a group of four or more people.

If you choose not to engage yourself in a group conversation loaded with sarcasm and mean statements with a person who would be absolutely unlikable if the things they said were said in a one-to-one conversation, somehow you are magically transformed into the Unabomber. At least while said social-anti-social person is present in the group to accuse you of it.

Example 1: David Letterman is interviewing a famous man in front of a large audience. The man is talking gruff and dirty and Letterman is laughing along. At one point said famous man gruffly tells one of the members of the audience to "get a personality".

Example 2: In a mid sized greasy spoon, there is the owner, two kitchen staff and two waitresses working. One of the waitresses is the local cut-up and puts up with it because she doesn't want to be viewed as anti-social and encourages others in her small world to participate in this social group. When outside this social group, however, she is extremely hurt and resentful over what is said to her.