To be frazzled is to be in a most unusual state of mind. It is a mix of being anxious, under stress, and overwhelmed all at the same time. Usually those who are facing this particular state of mind require some distance from the sources of agitation and annoyance causing this mood. However being frazzled does contain an additional element making it more challenging to address then normal stress.

When a person becomes frazzled it represents a state of mind achieved over a period of time. If you are not certain as to whether or not you are frazzled, symptoms of irritability, a desire to be alone, and extreme sensitivity to your environment could all be indicators of being frazzled. It is recommended should you find yourself in this state of mind to engage in some relaxing, therapeutic techniques to help yourself regain focus and internal balance.

Some relaxation techniques that can prove helpful when facing the problem of stress in any manner include: a hot shower, massage, meditation,and moderate physical exertion. For some people feeling frazzled engaging in physical intimacy might also prove useful however it is recommended this activity be pursued with caution. Care is advised in the use of this particular technique due to the risk of actually increasing personal tension as a result of difficulties with the aforementioned act.