An excellent term to describe the Socratic method of examination of various facets of human existence. By the use of sharp, ever more detailed questions, the questioner attempts to lift the veil of secrecy over aspects of skill and perceived professionalism by the questioned. Although considered by some to be an invasive means of determining information, use of this technique can prove most handy in attempting to distill the truth about concepts both abstract and practical.

On a personal note during my time as an undergraduate and up to the present I have attempted to use this method to determine the reality of the world around me. However the most memorable times regarding question and answer, charge and counter charge, had to be during periods when I faced interrogation and replied in turn. The very best debates are like two frenzied boars tearing into each other, attempting to find a weak point in each other's hides. In the end though such debates often proved fruitless as both sides would entrench and prove unable to successfully reach any conclusions or compromises. The ground uncovered during these intellectual feuds though was quite impressive, for those seeking to gain enlightenment I recommend whole heartedly using this method of mutual Socratic evaluation.

Of course one must also realize that when engaging in intense personal debate there are rare occasions where one can achieve a free flowing ecstasy of thought. By that I refer to the moments when ones ideas merge with the partner or partners one is debating with and mutually build off each other. As each person contributes the structure of thought grows and leads those in debate to links previously unexplored. More commonly though the ecstasy that comes from this experience is more basic in nature, simple animalistic blood lust cloaked in the mantle of intellectual debate.

Note it is recommended that should one engage in such intense soul searching not to do so when speaking to oneself. As one of the people who talks to himself on occasion I can safely say doing so assures that no one will come near you when out in public. Then again, the question one must then address, using proper Socratic method if you wish, is why do we, as humans, crave social acceptance.