A conversation with myself.

“I met somebody!”

Holy shit. Holy shit!

“Well, ok... maybe not. I did talk to her, that one day.“

Yeah, but that was like two months ago.

Dude, you saw that look.”

She was pretty as hell, and super-cute, when she looked, almost giddy, at her sister.

“And, she waved too.”

You waved first.

“I don’t even know how old she is.”

True, but you do know her brother-in-law. Or at least you know she was hanging out with that guy’s wife for the last two nights.

“I think they’re sisters. I bet they went to St. Anthony’s carnival

Damn, I live in a small town.

“Had four residences within the last 29 years, in the same zip code.”

I wonder where she grew up.

“I’m movin’ to Philly, eventually.”

Sure, when pigs fly.



“I’ll have lunch where dude works tomorrow and get the scoop.”

Well, you already know she lives on her own, and she drives a Blazer.

“She may not live alone.”

Haven’t seen anybody, yet.

Good point!”

Remember, try what the doctor said, ‘Work at practicing to ask for what you want. Think about what Jeff would say to you.’ For cryin’ out loud, Talk To Her! ‘Or I’ll point at your knee, and sprinkle salt on you, and call you slug.’

”Miss that guy.”

Talk to her.

What’s the worst that could happen? I might hear the word no.”

Talk to her!

Alright, I will.