Getting stopped by the cops

Yes, tonight was quite an eventful night. It included Orion and I, although a couple of other people kickstarted the whole thing. We were over Orion's house, we had just cut my hair, and we were looking to go out and have a good time. At first, we were gonna go out with a few other people, but we decided not to and simply walked to Denny's. On the way to Denny's, we stopped in Stop and Shop, where we purchased Knox's Unflavored Gelatine (for my hair), Fluff (for my stomach), cookie dough (for our stomachs and the mailbox of this kid who we don't like), and I bought a pack of gum.

We then proceeded to Denny's, where we played Guillotene (I'm fairly sure I spelled it wrong, but oh well), which is a thoroughly entertaining card game. After a while, we left 'cause I couldn't be home too late. It's important to note that at Denny's I took a steak knife and a spoon.

So, walking home, I couldn't resist the urge to cut up whatever plants happened to be on the side of the road with the steak knife. One cop car drove by, but we didn't think it was a problem and I concealed the knife fairly well. So, walking along, we got wicked bad stomach aches from the cookie dough and the Denny's, so we put the cookie dough in the aforementioned person who we hate's mailbox. Along the road, I had noticed that there were nice yellow Daffodils, so I picked one with the steak knife and gave it to Orion; mainly because it was an opportunity to use the knife, but flowers are cool so whatever.

After walking for about 5 more minutes, another cop car drove by, so we knew something was up. When the cop car turned around, I reacted and threw the knife behind me towards the underbrush. It's a good thing I did, too, because a police officer got out of the car as soon as she had parked (with the ]lights\ in our eyes!). So this cop (it was a lady) was pretty cool, but suspicious nonetheless. She looked through our stuff--she assumed we had bought the flower at the store, kind of wondered why we had jello and fluff, but for the most part didn't bother me. When she went through Orion's bag, however, interesting things happened. He had matches, but that wasn't such a big deal because there was no drugs or anything. However, he also had pliers which made us suspects for the robbery which had taken place in the general area that we were walking. She asks why he has pliers, he says they're useful, we wait. Another cruiser pulls up, two aggressive looking cops get out and start searching the area. I start freaking out in my mind wondering what would happen if they found the knife. Apparently they don't, but the two of them stand behind Orion and me anyway. A third cruiser pulls up and another cop gets out, asking us to stand in front of his car. We do, somebody who's in the car apparently checks us out. We're identified as not being the criminals, although one of the cops had taken all our info (address, phone number, age, etc), and allowed to go home. Altogether, quite a fun evening.

By the way, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes I made typing this, you have to understand that it's 4:30 and I haven't had coffee in a couple of hours.