A character in the Ramayana. Sita is the daughter of Janaka. When Rama is exiled from his kingdom and sent into the forest for fourteen years, she follows him. In the thirteenth year she is kidnapped by the demon named Ravana. After Rama rescues her and they return to his kingdom she is exiled for her "tryst" with Ravana.

I would have to disagree with the write up below, Hanuman and not "bad spirits" deliver Rama's ring to Sita, and it is a message that Rama is searching for her. The traditions of the ramayana are many and varied. Some include Rama asking for Sita's execution upon exile, some say that she is the daughter of Ravana. In one ramayana, she kills a second, even-scarier Ravana after Rama has slain the first and fainted from the terror of the new beast. She is often portrayed as the embodiment of Lakshmi.

She is held up as the ideal woman, Sita is kind, obedient and faithful.
In some ramayanas she does "kill herself" but as a proof of her chastity. Rama asks for a sign that she did nothing with Ravana during the months she was with him, and she asks that the Earth swallow her whole if she is telling the truth and she was faithful to Rama. Mother Earth obliges.