Do witch and which sound the same or different when you say them? For the most part when I say them they are the same, although when I want to I am able to distinguish them. Historically they should be different, but it's a distinction that English is losing. So, you might not say it, and your parents might not say it, but your grandparents might say it.

We talked about this for 45 minutes in my Sociolinguistics class.

It's nice that we can spend the time explaining language differences in class and that we can make sure that everyone is on the same page; which would be so much easier if everyone managed to actually pick up the book

Today is, and maybe it's just here I'm not sure, A Day without Rape. Andrea Dworkin at one time asked for it, and now we have events and get out into the community and support awareness so that everyday can be a day without rape. Last year, at a small school twenty minutes away, someone didn't get the message that the day was supposed to happen without sexual violence, and two girls were raped on campus. The school refused to let the girls press charges through the college. The town refused to let the girls press charges without the agressors being reprimanded by the school first. The girls eventually gave up. I'm working tonight so I can't go to the concert that they're holding tonight in celebration of this safe evening. It makes me very sad that we have to claim a day and celebrate it as if nothing bad will/has happen/ed. It makes me angry that I live someplace where from a cultural standpoint forced sexual intercourse is okay. It's only a crime if the victim speaks up. It makes me even angrier that I live in what is probably one of the safest places to be a single woman anywhere in the world, anywhere in history.