The whole point of this trick is to look cool. It's simple, really... put the match in your mouth, and then close it. Your mouth is a big empty cavern of space, and you can get it air tight enough that you can deprive the flame of enough oxygen to put it out.

Things to remember when doing this:
  • Your tongue is flexible, so smash it as far down as you are capable of getting it. ( Or pull it as far back as you can.) That way you can put the match towards the bottom of your mouth to avoid the flame from licking the roof of your mouth.

  • DO NOT flinch when you put the match in your mouth. Not only will you end up hurting yourself, but you don't look as cool when you're flinching.
  • If you do end up hitting your mouth, it will be sore for a few days, but no fear, you will heal.
  • I do not recommend doing this with matches out of match books, at least until you've gotten the trick down. Especially if the match is still in the book. The match will be harder to control, so you might end up burning yourself.